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Works from the Young at Art



Parental bias aside, artwork of children can sometimes be crazy-good, thought-provoking and highly entertaining to view. Kooky kid perspectives, rambunctious brushstrokes or determined drawings of fantasied figures comprise these creations. Many make it up on refrigerators or decorating cubicles. But for a look at some truly lovely Lilliputian works, visit the Indianapolis Art Center now.

Of course there is more to this art than the directionless doodling of toddlers; it's part of the center's ArtReach program. ArtReach takes the education that typically goes on inside the studios of the center and puts it out into the community. Children are given prompts and direction to help them develop tools for self-expression.

You can see the 22nd Annual Michael A. Carroll ArtReach Exhibition now through June 8th. You'll find the work in the Sarah M. Hurt Gallery and Allen W. Clowes Gallery. The combination of childish creativity and recognizable styles make for a fun and fascinating visit.

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