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Joseph Heller may have said it best: "Every writer I know has trouble writing."

That may be true, but for several local writers, getting together to talk, share and, on occasion, compete keeps their writerly fires burning. And, in the next week, there are two very different opportunities to take part in those adventures.

Proceeds from Write Club will go to Second Story, a creative writing program for kids. - WRITE CLUB
  • Write Club
  • Proceeds from Write Club will go to Second Story, a creative writing program for kids.

First up, on Friday night at 9 p.m., Write Club launches at Big Car's Service Center for Contemporary Culture and Community. (We can't resist: The first rule of Write Club is that we will write about Write Club.) This fundraiser for Second Story has a simple plan: five writers put their pens to paper and fight it out. Drawing inspiration from kid-created creative prompts, they fight it out until one competitor remains. Adult beverages are involved.

The creators of Ex. Ex. food magazine will speak at the May meeting of Indy WordLab.
  • Ex. Ex. Magazine

Indy WordLab, a monthly event that takes place the first Monday of each month at Indy Reads Books, offers a different experience. A response to an overabundance of writing groups with members who were resistant to criticism, WordLab is part reading series, part writing workshop. After listening to a local writer, attendees get a prompt, write for 30 to 40 minutes and then conduct small group critique sessions. This month, though, the creators behind Ex. Ex., a new food magazine focused on Midwestern food culture, visit rather than having a writer at the podium.

So, whether you want to spectate or create, you have no reason not to get a bit more engaged in literary pursuits. Even if hashing out the words gives you, like Joseph Heller, a bit of trouble now and again.

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