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TTK: Indiana Oddities



TTKs are Sky Blue Window's 'Things to Know,' events, ideas and cultural creations that we think are worthy of your time and attention.

Evan Finch spends vacations hunting for Indiana's small-town treasures, with a special focus on the quirkiest destinations that you've probably never heard of. Bruceville is home to a 20-foot-tall peach. In Middlebury, you can find a giant mushroom built originally for the 1933-34 Chicago World's Fair. And, rather than going big, John Chapman's memorial is pretty average in size, unlike the folk tale that surrounds him -- he's the tree-planting folk hero that most people know as Johnny Appleseed.

On Thursday, May 2, Finch will share the stories behind greater, lesser and often-unseen Hoosier landmarks at a free lecture at the Indiana Landmarks Center at 6 p.m. Want to learn more? Register for the event and check out a sample, below, of the cultural artifacts he'll share at "You Call That a Landmark?" and some information straight from the preservation dilettante's research.

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