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TTK: Chapbook Confessionals



TTKs are Sky Blue Window's 'Things to Know,' events, ideas and cultural creations that we think are worthy of your time and attention.

If your idea of a writer is an old, dusty and fusty professor type, Soft River reading series wants to subvert that supposition. On Jan. 25, the series welcomes five local and regional writers, all 30 years of age or younger, to Fountain Square. The event will take place at General Public Collective, in line with Soft River's mission to spotlight emerging poetry and prose in nonacademic spaces.


The two prose writers and three poets are linked by confessional, colloquial language and accessible topics, but their tone and reading styles vary greatly. Lynn Gentry, a street poet who recently relocated from the Bay Area to Indianapolis, is an energetic, intense performer. Richard Wehrenberg Jr.'s approach, on the other hand, is quiet and calm. Prose writers Alex Mussawir and JC Neuman, as well as Soft River organizer and poet Wendy Lee Spacek will also read.

And, you can take some literary goodness home with you; books will be available for purchase including releases from Monster House Press, which represents Mussawir and Wehrenberg.

(Below: Lynn Gentry in action, on San Francisco's Haight St.)

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