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TTK: Aerosol Art



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In the early 1980's, teenagers left their mark on trains, bridges and dark underground transit tunnels with graffiti. Their efforts were lauded by some art insiders as a new wave of democratic expression, but plenty of parents, police and community leaders considered it vandalism. New York Mayor Ed Koch compared their tags - stylized, spray-painted letters and illustrations - to crimes like pick-pocketing, shoplifting and three-card monte.


While those debates linger, their influence have echoed for decades - in the hip hop culture that taggers helped create, among artists including Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Barry "Twist" McGee, and in fiction including Jonathan Lethem's Fortress of Solitude (click through for an excerpt that includes one character's foray into graffiti).

This Friday, you can view the 1983 Sundance Award winning documentary Style Wars at the Indianapolis Museum of Art's Final Friday at the Toby. Style Wars explores subway graffiti and street culture in the early 1980's and features young "writers", breakdancers and Grandmaster Flash on heavy rotation. Graffiti artist and painter Brame UW (Samuel E Vázquez) will introduce the film and provide a graffiti demonstration after the screening.

For further graffiti exploration:

The documentary Beautiful Losers includes many late-1990's and early-2000's artists that incorporated street art influences into their work.

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