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TTK: A Planetary Pulp Radio Adventure



TTKs are Sky Blue Window's 'Things to Know,' events, ideas and cultural creations that we think are worthy of your time and attention.

What do you get when you mash up comic book tropes, high-resolution projections and hundreds of sound effects? Well, one possible outcome is Intergalactic Nemesis, a theatrical experience visiting Clowes Hall Jan. 25. Drawing inspiration from pulp serials and Raiders of the Lost Arc, three actors present a two-part epic journey (read: two shows in one night). The spectacle spotlights classic radio-show style drama punctuated by 1,250 full-color images projected on a two-story screen.

In addition to the two acts, theatergoers can sign up for a special dinner between shows. At the "Out of This World Feast," diners can chat with the cast and nosh on eats inspired by interplanetary adventure.

Check out a preview of the show:

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