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Too Cool to Button Up



If New York City's latest fashion trend takes hold, winter outerwear will be more about coats as blasé-looking wraps than protective parkas and woolen walkers. A couple of weeks ago New York designers flaunted their fall and winter fashions for next year at more than 250 shows. And as New York Times roving reporter, Bill Cunningham, astutely pointed out, the most noted takeaway from the fashion troupes was their unwillingness to zip, cinch or button their coats.

Cunningham marveled at this nonchalant attitude of hundreds of people whose outerwear flapped in the wind as NYC experienced the extremes of cold and snowy weather during Fashion Week 2014.  He likens the look to that from the '30s and '40s when stars of the silver screen draped their coats over their shoulders instead of wearing them with their arms through the sleeves. The big diff then and now was that look of sophistication originated in balmy Hollywood, California, not in the Big Apple during near-blizzard-like conditions.

With Indiana just weeks away from buttoning up a winter of record-breaking snowfall totals and crazy cold temps, fashion forward Hoosiers might have to wait to grab onto the coattails of this trend. Perhaps this look will be one of the topics of discussion at Pattern Indy's Spring 2015 Trend Report gathering this Thursday, Feb. 27. Though it's quite possible frozen-to-the-bone Naptowners will forego this style for common logic and self-preservation.

For a look at the look, check out this New York Times video.

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