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The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's Time for Three has never been afraid to try new things, but this all-new work composed by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer William Bolcom specifically for the string trio, has them treading uncharted waters. Games and Challenges: Something Wonderful Right Away is a unique musical composition that attempts to combine theatrical improv and classical music.

"We went up to Ann Arbor, to spend some time with Dr. Bolcom, to talk about the work. We all were kind of like 'What?' 'Huh?' when he explained his ideas. He must have said to us ten times that day, 'Trust me! Just trust me!'" says ISO Concertmaster and TF3 violist Zach De Pue, laughing.

This highly interactive show is sure to be one-of-a-kind. Read more about it here and whatever you do, don't miss the show.

Time for Three
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