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Diving deep into a book can take us on all sorts of inward journeys, grabbing our imagination and yanking it every which way. For many it can often be quite difficult to bottle up these thunderous feelings. Just ask Pittsburgh/Brooklyn-based musician and composer Joey Molinaro, whose most recent compositions are based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and Yevgeny Zamyatin.

Playing a "unique style of grind violin," Molinaro will make a return visit to Indianapolis this Sunday, stopping by the General Public Collective. Alongside Molinaro's musical performances will be work from local artists Erin K. Drew and Bradley Walker Jones, who will also be channeling their own interpretations of literature. When the sun sets Sunday evening, Drew will illuminate a passage from Elizabeth Grosz's Architecture from the Outside: Essays on Virtual and Real Space on the GPC storefront window (Hear No). Molinaro will then jump into his initial set of literary-inspired magic. Following, Jones's voice will be broadcast through the shop, as he reads passages from Donald Crowhurst's logbook while hidden in GPC's basement (See No). Closing out the night will be one last set by Molinaro (Speak No), again "celebrating the act of interpretation as a vehicular experience of text."

Bradley Walker Jones will read from the log book of Donald Crowhurst. - LESLEY HERRINGTON
  • Lesley Herrington
  • Bradley Walker Jones will read from the log book of Donald Crowhurst.

This is the kind of event that General Public Collective is ideally suited for -- a cultural experience that blurs the edges of genres and offers Indianapolis the chance to explore local and national acts in an intriguing program.

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