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The Metamorphosis



This winter has set some miserable records and introduced dismal terms like "the polar vortex" into our vocabulary. Thankfully, the snow seems to have melted, and while our lawns are still a wintry brown, there's color to be found here in Indy. Stop by the White River Gardens at White River State Park and check out Butterfly Kaleidoscope, presented by Citizen's Energy Group. Thousands of butterflies will fill the (warm) halls of the conservatory, flitting around and often alighting on visitors. The butterflies aren't the only attraction; be sure to take in views of the handblown glass feeders they use, and the giant stained-glass mosaic hanging from the ceiling. Combined with the living artwork that is a cloud of butterflies, it's a moving rainbow of wings and glass. 

Butterflies never seem to be in much of a hurry, and this variety will be sticking around through Sept. 2. There's plenty of time to stop by, but when you do, be sure to bring your camera.

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