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The First Friday ISIS did not want you to see


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Okay, so the Indianapolis Downtown Artists & Dealers Association’s website was just hacked by ISIS, which posted religious messages in an intrusion that’s about as random as it gets. Why? Who knows why the art group was targeted? Maybe ISIS or ISIL or whatever it's called now was drawn to the alphabet soup of the IDADA acronym? Maybe they thought the ‘I’ stood for Iraq. Whatever the reason, the FBI is investigating and the website is still down.

But if you need a rundown of IDADA’s signature First Friday gallery walk on April 3, don't worry -- Sky Blue Window has you covered. See some great art so the terrorists don’t win. FF regulars take notice: The Harrison Art Center is temporarily closed for construction, so check out some new places, people.

Circle City

New leadership has taken over the Circle City Industrial Complex, 1125 Brookside Ave., and its many artists’ studios. Check out the Five Seasons Studio. It features the work of David Shumaker, who is known for the beauty and uniqueness of his ceramic creations for home and garden.

Shumaker uses the raku firing process to make art objects such as porcelain lamps, delicate leaves, sturdy pottery and marbled impressionistic work.

New artists also will be debuting at the 500,000-square-foot erstwhile factory space at Mass Ave. and 10th Street, including in the Satch Lost and Found gallery, where the artist uses only recycled and repurposed materials.

Also check out Andrew Young’s comics, Stephanie Doty’s mixed media, Coleman Norris’s photography, Andie Malone’s fantastical drawings, and Derek Guy Dalton’s pop-inspired media.

Apartment Art at the Indy Indie Artists Colony to display works such as these, reflecting the artist's life.
  • Apartment Art at the Indy Indie Artists Colony to display works such as these, reflecting the artist's life.

Apartment gallery

Apartment galleries are a tradition of newly graduated art students in cities everywhere, but an Indy Indie Artist Colony show focuses on work that new art school grads created in their garden studios and 10th-story one-bedroom units.

Apartment Art: A Group Exhibition , curated by Alyssa Arney and Natalie Mik, features the work of 16 young artists, as well as music performed by the Shame Thugs.

Apartment Art is honest by sharing the pride, fear and hope of what it is to be a female contemporary artist in the 21st century,” says Mik, an independent curator and writer of contemporary art. “Apartment Art is real because it contains the raw voice of every single participating artist. Apartment Art is intimate by exposing art that is created in the most intimate spaces of the artists.”

Viewers will see an accurate reflection of the artist’s life, according to Mik.

Apartment Art is powerful because the emotions within the works are untouched and intact-revealed to the public for the very first time," she says.

The exhibit at the gallery at 26 E. 14th St. highlights young female artists who don’t work as self-sufficient artists but who are still creating art in their homes. They try to illustrate an interplay between life, work and the meaning of art.

"In the fall of 2014, 15 talented artists ... had come together ... with the goal to produce new artworks for a gallery exhibition,” Mik said. “When all the artists had finally gathered, there was a realization that everyone happened to be female, sustaining their life with a day job while tirelessly continuing to produce art with limited resources from their homes, post-graduation from art school.”

Their mediums and themes were all quite different.

“However, their common interest was to reach a wider network of audiences through exhibiting their works in a physical space of a traditional gallery setting," Mik explains.

"A Breath of Fresh Air" opens Friday at the Wheeler Arts Community. - COURTESY OF THE WHEELER ARTS COMMUNITY GALLERY
  • Courtesy of the Wheeler Arts Community Gallery
  • "A Breath of Fresh Air" opens Friday at the Wheeler Arts Community.

Breathing Free

The Wheeler Arts Community Gallery in Fountain Square is showcasing A Breath of Fresh Arts exhibit that features Greta Pennell’s photography, Marikay Kapke’s picture, Sandra Maher’s ceramics and Tim Maher’s painting. All the work will have nature themes that celebrate spring, and songwriter Jim Pennell will perform.

All of the works blend harmoniously in concert, according to Pennell.

“This is Tim, Sandy, and Greta's third collaborative show,” she explains. “My photography includes both color and black-and-white on stretched canvas, along with gallery framed prints. We added Marikay to bring in the birds and bees to complement the floral themes of my photography and Sandy's whimsical ceramic interpretations of spring. Tim's paintings capture nature themes with a broader brushstroke using primarily acrylic with some oil paint.”

First peek

Get a sneak preview of an upcoming artists’ open house at the Raymond James Stutz Arts Gallery, 212 W. 10th St., B110, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday. More than 60 artists will displays paintings, jewelry, furniture, sculpture, drawings and photography while The Bloody ’ells play throughout the evening.

Read the canvas

Primary Gallery in Suite 217 at the Murphy Arts Center, 1043 Virginia Ave., will present Ligature Licious, a group show that features the work of Indy artists Ronlewhorn, Kyle Herrington and Gautam Rao. Ronlewhorn does hand-screened prints, while Herrington paints and Rao creates both paintings and digital art.


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