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The Eleventh Band of IMAF



Pravada. This is the eleventh band of IMAF. It is also the brainchild of Jesse Lee and Casey Tennis, who were, once upon a time, members of Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s. This is where things get confusing. Pravada, it seems, has been around since the ‘90s. Lee, Tennis and former Margot guitarist, Andy Fry (now creative director of Big Car) formed the core of Pravada in Greencastle where they went to high school together. All join Margot, all leave Margot, then they devote their restless energy to Pravada, which plays straight ahead, melodic rock and bears influences from the Kinks, Breeders, Cars, Police (I heard Bowie, too, I swear) and of course, the So and So’s. They also sound great.

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