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Supaman on the Drums and the Mic



Every once in a while, a cultural creation gets us dreaming about media match-ups between Indianapolis institutions and artists that hail from beyond the county, state or national borders. Supaman, an American Indian whose given name is Christian Takes Gun Parrish, and his "Prayer Loop Song," have those wheels spinning. Here's the video, filmed in Montana at the Billings Gazette's Studio. Enjoy:

Given the Eiteljorg's recent forays into boundary-pushing exhibits and audience-expanding events including the Live Lawn Concerts last summer, this talented musician (and acclaimed powwow fancy dancer) would be a natural collaborator. And we can't help but imagine that the guys behind Cultural Cannibals would find his work interesting. His ability to blend traditional elements with contemporary sounds and attitudes create a singular music experience. He uses real drums, samples and loops them, alongside his layered vocals and rhymes. His bold use of cultural regalia, reflective rhymes and computer-aided performance (which reminds us strangely of earlier Andrew Bird and even recent visits by Son Lux as much as hip-hop and rap acts) merge modernity and deep-rooted art.

Extra credit:
Learn about Supaman's past and how his personal struggles and faith influence his work.
A bit more about his current work, including mention of his Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade performance history.

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