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Are you always telling wild stories at parties or at the office? Have people told you that you should perform onstage? If yes (and even if the answer is no), head to the Pioneer Village at the Indiana State Fair tomorrow evening (Friday, Aug. 1) for the Sixth Annual Liar's Contest. Not only will you get to tell a cock-and-bull story without facing repercussions, you could possibly win a cash prize for all your baloney.

Sponsored by Storytelling Arts of Indiana and the Indiana State Fair, the Liar's Contest is a chance to get in front of an audience and share a short story, tall tale, or outright lie (no longer than five minutes) for the chance at winning a cash prize up to $100.

Eliza Bradberry took home third place in the youth contest.  - ELLEN MUNDS
  • Ellen Munds
  • Eliza Bradberry took home third place in the youth contest.

Storytelling Arts' Executive Director Ellen Munds says, "It's a great opportunity for people to try out their skills" and notes that people from all over the state come to perform year after year. She adds, "We have one little girl who could hardly get any words out the first year she tried, and last year she took second place."

Originality and creativity are part of the judging criteria. (A complete list of rules is available here.) Storytellers need not be experienced at "lying"; you just have to make the audience and judges believe you! The contest is open to youth and adults alike, and the proceedings will be videotaped for Storytelling Arts' YouTube Channel. (View past competitions here.) Registration will begin at 6:30 p.m.; the contest will kick off at 7 p.m.

Questions? Visit Storytelling Arts online or call Munds at (317)576-9848.

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