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Fall is falling and that means it's time to pack up the flip-flops. The summer sunshine may be fading, but we are ok because the spotlights are warming up. It's almost officially fall, and with it comes an exciting new arts season in the city.

Looking through all the (awesome) events happening in the '13-'14 season can be overwhelming, but we have scoured through every schedule, every press release, every venue. And we did it for you. And then we gave them awards for easy sorting.

Yes, have some flashbacks to your high school yearbook because these are our superlative awards for the 2013 fall arts season.

Most Likely to Wow a Date
Buena Vista Social Club
September 27, 2013 8:00 pm

Buena Vista Social Club's 100 minute set is unequivocally the premiere place to bring a first date. Between the deep Cuban rhythms, the sensual vocals of Omara Portuondo, and the sexy atmosphere, this show will leave both you and your date ready for more.

Most Likely to Make You Cry
Maya Angelou
September 25, 7:30pm.

Maya Angelou. We don't need to say anything else, do we? Butler University's Celebration of Diversity Distinguished Lecture Series never disappoints, and this event is expected to sell out quickly. Angelou's moving words and message can bring tears to your eyes, disappointed you left the tissues in the car. 

Most Likely to Sell Out
November 13- December 1

Wicked is back again with big sets, lights and the beloved back-story of Oz that has won the hearts of Broadway enthusiasts around the world. These tickets will sell themselves and leave you singing "Defying Gravity" for days on end. Pick some up now if you want to make it to this classic event.

Most Likely Place To Find the Next Big Thing
October 12

If you are a First Friday lover this is your annual event! Oranje is the only Indianapolis showcase that debuts upcoming artists and musicians all in one night. Work your way down the levels of 4-H building on the Indiana State Fair Grounds. You won't find homemade rockets in these exhibits. Presenting everything from metal workers to filmmakers, it's hard to walk through Oranje without finding something you fall in love with.

Teacher's Pet
TEDx Indianapolis
October 22

If you haven't already hopped on the TED Talk circuit, that needs to be your next hour of free time. The TED conferences allow innovative speakers to present "an idea worth spreading" to an eager audience. TEDx is a localized version across America that allows speakers to address their own communities. Indianapolis will be leading the way in innovation this fall. The "Mix It Up" theme encourages networking outside of your comfort zone and will leave the audience feeling like the eager teacher's pet, ready to help and learn.

Leave the Kids
A Very Phoenix X-Mas 8: Angels We Have Heard While High
Nov 29-Dec 22

Call a babysitter. You don't want your kids repeating these jokes at school! Pheonix Theatre's Christmas variety show, A Very Phoenix X-Mas 8: Angels We Have Heard While High, will leave you in stitches between the comedy acts, the singing, the dancing, and the overall spectacle of the show. Take a break from the shopping lists, the wrapping, and too much family fun time. 'Tis the season or whatever.

Biggest Blockbuster
Heartland Film Festival
Oct. 17-26

Heartland Film Festival showcases one of the most inclusive debuts for independent filmmakers locally and internationally. Plotlines range from family friendly comedies to ultra-controversial documentaries. This is hands-down Indianapolis' greatest stepping stone for Midwest filmmakers. See a movie. See a few movies, but don't let this week slip past.

Hottest Piano Player
Lang Lang
Sept. 19, 2013

Dress your best for this world-class show in your backyard. The Palladium is bringing a night of music that has critics raving. Lang Lang is highly regarded as the "hottest artist on the classical music planet" by The New York Times. Buy your tickets early, because this one has sold out in every major city in the world.

All-American Award
American Rhapsody
January 9-12

American Rhapsody is an all-American Saga told through dance. This show also features the world premiere of Hochoy's An American in Paris, which is based on a poem that draws you straight into the sights and wonders of France's capitol in the 1920's. The music of Rhapsody in Blue provides the musical setting for the choreography of Farewell, also by Hochoy. The three works come together for a crescendo of Paris beauty and earthy American jazz.

Best Show for Art Newbies
October 11

The IMA never disappoints, and this season is no exception. The Matisse exhibit opens October 11, allowing IMA members a quick preview of one of the most distinctive French artists of the twentieth century, Henri Matisse. Exhibit highlights include: Large Reclining Nude, demonstrating his transition from paint to paper cut outs, and The Yellow Dress, proving to all artists the beauty that can come from overcoming a 'block' in your work. An inspiring leader in the art world, the Matisse show takes this award unopposed.

Take the Kids
Bad Wolf
September 21-22

NoExit Performance and the IMA come together to offer the perfect outing for the whole family. Take the kids out to 100 Acres and be greeted by Little Red and the Three Pigs as they begin a perilous journey to defeat the big bad Wolf. It is an outdoor adventure that you may enjoy more than the kids. It's okay - your secret is safe with us.

Most Likely to Make it to Hollywood (wait a minute...)
Sunset Boulevard
 September 20-October 6

This Andrew Lloyd Webber-scored show, set in the roaring twenties, tells the tale of a silent movie star fighting for her return to the spotlight. Footlite Musicals' production of Sunset Boulevard stars Laura Lockwood as Norma Desmond, who works her way into the arms of a struggling Hollywood screenwriter. In case you haven't seen this classic, we won't spoil the ending for you but know that tragedy waits. Whether you are a longtime fan of the film or you possess a fresh set of eyes, this is a must see.

The Broadway Lights Award
September 6-21

Pippin comes to Indy at the Tarkington Civic Theatre. This well-known and beloved Broadway musical boasts a score fit for the greats and a storyline to match. The Tarkington Civic Theatre should have a full audience for these performances.

Red Carpet Worthy
Opening Night Gala
September 20, 6 p.m.

Hilary Hahn joins the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra for the Opening Night Gala at the Hilbert Circle Theatre. Hahn is an exquisite musician who is joining Conductor, Krzysztof Urbański in her first appearance with the ISO. Be among the first to see the renovations to the Theatre as well as the fresh direction Urbański is bringing to the symphony.

Most Gangster
The Threepenny Opera  
October 11-20

This isn't just any old opera. With lyrics in English, a plot fit for the big screen, and an eventful jazz-inspired twist, this opera is great for everyone. Kurt Weill will take on the surprisingly contemporary questions, "Who's the bigger criminal, the man who robs a bank or the man who founds a bank?" Whether you consider yourself an opera enthusiast or you're new to the medium, this is entertainment at its best.

Most Likely to Succeed
A Christmas Carol
November 16-Dec 24

A Christmas Carol returns for another season at the IRT. It comes as no surprise that this Indy Christmas tradition will be a fun-filled outing for the entire family. Whether you visit for opening night or the grand finale, make an evening of it! Hail a carriage ride in the snow in the time between dinner and the performance for a picture perfect evening.

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