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Opera doesn't always mean big productions, period costumes, long-dead composers and nattily dressed fans. For Intimate Opera of Indianapolis, all that is required for a good show is a mix of interesting stories and talented voices. This weekend, the group's "Hoosier Connections: Opera on Demand V" offers both longtime and newcomer audiences the chance to experience a special vocal performance, up close and personal at the IndyFringe Theatre.

Beyond the small audience size and pared down production values, Intimate Opera's current show also demonstrates the strength of Indiana-incubated talents. The production features four Midwest premieres: Cake by Indiana-native John Chittum, Fear Not the Robot by Indiana-native Bill Kloppenburg, Charon by DePauw University professor Scott Perkins, and The Sands of Time -- the world's shortest opera clocking in at just three minutes and 34 seconds -- by Peter Reynolds. The fifth piece in the one-hour show is Samuel Barber's Hand of Bridge. Dramatic highlights include a robot invasion, a boiling egg, a game of cards and the end of the world.

One other advantage that sets Intimate Opera's performances apart from those in traditional production houses? Tickets to this event are just $15, $8 for students, making the outing an affordable cultural experience at either the 7 p.m. Saturday or 3 p.m. Sunday show.

  • Courtesy Intimate Opera of Indianapolis

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