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Letterpressed in L.A.



My parents were born in the same town as my husband's childhood hero, Evel Knievel. That town is Butte, Montana. It's one of the little links that we discovered early on in our dating that made it all feel a tiny bit fated. That's why a few years ago I bought my husband a print featuring the daredevil (and his misspelled name) from Yee-Haw Industries, a business that operated out of Knoxville, Tennessee.

When the establishment folded, one of Yee-Haw's two head honchos made his way to Los Angeles. Now James Bradley is quietly carving out a space for typesetting and presses in what he calls the "golden ghetto." Named for his shop, the short film Church of Type showcases the emerging blend of his old hillbilly style with new So-Cal references (evidence: a print reading "I'm going surfing, you can go to hell."), as well as his laid-back approach to building a new audience for his printed products. Not heading to Los Angeles anytime soon? You can also check out Bradley's Internet outlet.

Church of Type from Two Dollars Please on Vimeo.

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