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"Let It Go" Mega Mix



If you have children, know someone who does, or have just walked past such a person, you may have heard a snippet of the Oscar-winning song "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen. Written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez (who took home the Oscar for Best Original Song) and sung by Adele Dazim... er... Idina Menzel, the song is a phenomenon. It even made it up to number 18 on Billboard's Hot 100, which is pretty good for a song about revealing your magic snow powers. In addition to Menzel's incredible voice, the song's popularity may come from the universal appeal of its message: Just be yourself.

In the Youtube-era, no good song goes uncovered, and "Let It Go" is no exception. Menzel's own collaboration with letter-block playing Jimmy Fallon and the Roots has been making the rounds on social media, but we've found some other covers that show just how broad the song's appeal is.


These two aspiring artists aren't quite in key, but they make up for it in enthusiasm.

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