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Herron School of Art & Design hosts in • ter • sect / intər'sekt/, an exhibition that incorporates spoken word, recorded performance art, sound and video in an oddly engaging display about the relationship of language to the body. Running now through April 17, it demonstrates how we communicate through language, and how modern technology can augment our interpersonal communication, as well as break it down when we no longer speak face-to-face. The show reminds us, too, that we construct an idea of ourselves and others based on social media technology.

Thanks to our friends at WFYI, this Conversation with the Curators offers an insider's perspective on what Herron professor Stefan Petranek and visiting artist Daniel Cosentino had in mind when they created the exhibition and what they hope visitors will take away from the show.

Explore their perspectives and the artwork in this sneak peek video and then make tracks downtown to check it out for yourself.

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