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Inside Gen Con: Day 4



Sunday has a different feel than the other days of Gen Con. The Con closes early on Sunday and many of the gamers have already left or are on their way out. It's full of local families as Gen Con offers a special price for families on Sunday and offers various kid-friendly events. Most of the full costumes of earlier in the week are gone, but plenty of three-foot spidermen are running around.

On the last day of Gen Con, I took one last stroll around the exhibit hall and perused the giant t-shirt walls and walked by the really cool fez booth again. There really wasn't much left to do. The very last thing I did at Gen Con was actually to sit in on the Artists of Aetheria Panel and hear four of the artists behind the Return of Aetheria talk about the project. It's actually quite a unique project. Somewhat experimental, this is the product of an educational team up between Gen Con and IUPUI, specifically the IU School of Informatics and Computing, Media Arts and Science. 30 students and 5 professors have worked for 8 months to completely design and implement a game for Gen Con. The story behind the game weaves through out time and various mythologies and it is the players' goal to return magic to the earth by completing various quests. The game was specifically designed to be played via mobile apps, computer kiosks and live interactions at the convention. From what I saw of it, this project was a beautiful success and they are continuing on with it. So, it is definitely something to seek out next year to see how they have made it bigger and better.

And that's it guys. That is Gen Con. Or, at least that is the small part I got to experience and share with you. The truth is that Gen Con is too huge to experience everything, even if you are just focusing on one small part like the arts. I must say that I had fun. I've often heard Gen Con described as one giant, geeky family reunion because of the comradery you can find there of people coming together around things they love. I was happy to be able to crash that party, but they still accepted me with open arms. I got to see so much clever culture and impressive talent. Honestly, there were more hidden gems tossed in my path than I ever expected and I continue to love this passionate, quirky culture that is the geeks.

Hope to see you next year because these guys are too good to miss out on.

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