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After taking a spring hiatus, the Music Council presents a new Green Room event, this time highlighting two Circle City masters of the microphone. Oreo Jones and Grey Granite, fresh from the Ghost Gun Summer Tour, will be joined by moderator J. Moore at 7 p.m. Friday, May 30 at General Public Collective to discuss touring, collaboration and the state of hip-hop in Indianapolis. Though musicians hold down the stage at Green Room events, they aren't about performance at this gathering. Rather, they are designed to spark conversation and growth in the local music scene.

According to event organizer Kasey Bradley, this Green Room event grew out the awareness that not all segments of the Indianapolis sound world get the same level of support -- and that there is a rich hip-hop presence that deserves attention. It's a concern that Music Council member and Sky Blue Window blogger Malina Simone also voiced after the first event.

"Grey Granite is, in a big part, the reason this event is even taking place," says Bradley. "I talked with him during one of last summer's Listen Local shows about getting the local rap scene more connected with the local rock scene, and we both agreed that while there is a lot of talk about rock bands local rappers don't get as much support. Hopefully we can work to change that, because we have a crazy amount of talent out here."

Grey Granite, left, and Oreo Jones will share their views on collaboration, touring and hip-hop in the Circle City at the Friday, May 30 Green Room. - CAROLYN CUTTILL / COURTESY MUSIC COUNCIL
  • Carolyn Cuttill / Courtesy Music Council
  • Grey Granite, left, and Oreo Jones will share their views on collaboration, touring and hip-hop in the Circle City at the Friday, May 30 Green Room.

Grey Granite's role in expanding hip-hop's footprint goes beyond his Rich in the Blood series and part in the Ghost Gun tour to include writing for and working with a number of other performers and producers. Oreo Jones' own collaborations are varied and wide, and they include the Highway Hypnosis EP recorded with "beat mastermind" DMA (David "Moose" Adamson) and the Black Fabio mixtape recorded with DJ Action Jackson. In other words, they know how to play well with others and will bring insight into both their genre and the upside of sharing the recording studio and stage. In addition to J. Moore's capable moderation, attendees will have the chance to ask their own questions of Oreo Jones and Grey Granite.

Looking ahead, Bradley hopes to schedule Green Rooms on a quarterly basis, to keep the musical exploration rolling. With a couple of tentative topics in the hopper, he's hoping to have the next event in late August or early September.

But, whether or not you make it to the Friday's conversation, you can sample the skills of both (Oreo Jones & Grey Granite) speakers, alongside TXTBOOK, John Stamps and DMA at a free in-store performance June 1 at Indy CD & Vinyl. And, of course, their music can be heard on Musical Family Tree and their respective Soundcloud pages (Oreo Jones, Grey Granite).

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