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Grown-ups, Get Your Groove On



Tired of sitting inside dance studios day after day waiting for your child's classes to end or secretly wishing it were you in the spotlight? Ever flip past Dancing with the Stars and imagine breaking into some of those moves on the dance floor at weddings or holiday parties?

Then dust off your dance shoes and stretch those old, achy muscles, because it's finally your time to shine.

On Oct. 4, adults can participate in dance classes with top instructors during Indy Dance Fest.

Indy Dance Fest offers adults the chance to put their feet into action.
  • Indy Dance Fest offers adults the chance to put their feet into action.

Hosted by Jenee Michelle, a former professional Vegas dancer and owner of Pur The Company (which specializes in burlesque performances), Indy Dance Fest was "born out of the need for adult dance learning in the Indianapolis area," where most companies cater to children.

The daylong dance festival for adults of all skill levels -- from beginners to professionals -- will feature classes in various styles of dance:

- Street Jazz -- with Jenee Michelle

- Lyrical Hip-hop - with Courtney Gunter (Pur master instructor)

- Tap -- Amy Biddle Owens (professional dancer and New York City Rockette)

- Modern -- Motus Dance Company dancer

- Ballet -- Jillian Godwin (with Dance Kaleidoscope professional dancer)

- Classical Jazz -- Jenee Michelle

Classes begin at 9 a.m. and end at 6 p.m at Motus Dance Theatre. But don't worry, there's an hour built into the day to grab lunch, pop some ibuprofen and rub in some Bengay, or catch your breath -- whichever you feel is most important.

Indy Dance Fest

When: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Oct. 4.

Where: Motus Dance Theatre, 1101 Hoyt Ave.

Cost: $15 (single class), $45 (3-class package), $50 (4-class package), $75 (7-class package).

Info: For class times, visit the Indy Dance Fest 2014 Facebook page. Click here for tickets.

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