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Green Art in Indy for your St. Patty's Day



Can't get in enough green things this St. Patty's Day? We are here to help. Indianapolis is home to some spectacular public art, but in honor of the inimitable St. Patrick's Day, that most boisterous of holidays, we'd like to share some of the green installations around town.  Whether chartreuse, celadon, or--of course--shamrock, we're sitting up and taking notice.  So raise a mug of green beer to the art of Indy and see what emerald art you can spot this St. Patty's Day weekend.

1.Morning Magnolias, 2011

Barbara Stahl

One of the "46 for XLVI" murals commissioned by the Indianapolis Arts Council in honor of the 2012 Super Bowl, Morning Magnolias graces the Canal Walk with its stunning detail and soothing beauty.  Pedestrians and pedal-boaters can find it on the west side of the bridge underpass, where W. Ohio Street meets the Canal.


2.Visual and Mental Paradoxes, 1999

Jerald Jacquard

Standing tall at the intersection of College Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue, and St. Clair Street, this towering steel sculpture impresses Mass Ave shoppers with its distinctive and dynamic form.  Jacquard sought to depict conflicting thoughts and emotions by juxtaposing contrasting shapes. 


3.Stratum Pier, 2010

Kendall Buster

Stratum Pier overlooks 100 Acres' beautiful lake and woodlands, but the pier itself is just as appealing to the eyes.  The layers of steel and fiberglass recall the aesthetic of topographical maps, and the structure strikes the perfect balance between form and function.


4.2 & 6, 1980-83

Robert Indiana

Numbers 1-0, a set of massive, multicolored numerals, dot the IMA's large open air patio adjoining the amphitheater which, during the warmer months, hosts the Summer Nights Film Series.  Nobody is immune to the innate charm of Indiana's bold, typographical sculptures, making him a favorite among young and old alike.  


5.The Runners, 1975-76

James McQuiston

Easily the highlight of my daily commute, The Runners spans the eastern façade--an entire half city block--of 11 S. Meridian Street.  Featuring a colorful collection of runners, including those boasting an afro, a beehive, and a space helmet, it never fails to add a touch of whimsy to my day.


Our top 5 favorite pieces of green art around Indy.

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