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From Face Off to Fine Art



The Internet can be a strange and magical place. The kind of place where you make a joke about an art show centered on auteur Nicolas Cage and end up ... putting on an art show centered on Nicolas Cage. That's what happened to Ezra Croft, a 35-year-old DJ from the Bay Area. Well, according to his interview with Mashable: "It didn't start out as a joke," Croft says, before adding with a laugh: "But it didn't start out not as a joke, either."

Even professional artists like Ben Collison got in on the weird auto-anthropology of the show. - BEN COLLISON

Regardless, what we're left with is a bizarre collection of art celebrating one of the less-celebrated celebrities of the silver screen. Some of the art is made in 10 minutes with Photoshop. Other offerings are oil paintings, statues, and film presentations that, quite frankly, required an impressive, painstaking amount of work. The sad news is that unless you hop on a time machine, you've already missed the show itself, replete with area musicians and all things Cage. However, we're willing to bet that this kind of thing has legs. Reddit has a section devoted to worshipping "the one true God," who as you may have guessed, is Nicolas Cage.

Check out some of the submissions on the event on Facebook to see what Nic hath inspired.  

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