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Freeze Frames



Movies have already made a pretty big leap from celluloid reels to the digital age, and the evolution hasn't always been easy. Drive-ins struggle to acquire new digital projectors required to stay in business. New digital distribution systems -- the factor that makes switching over to those projectors necessary -- have the likes of Martin Scorsese and other filmmakers wringing their hands over concerns about both the extinction of film and the challenge of archiving digital film files.

In a far less ominous way, Geoff Todd is subverting the transition. With his Perfect Shots (@OnePerfectShot) Twitter page, the Portland, Oregon, resident uses technology to highlight movies mostly made before digital filmmaking was possible or probable. Todd captures and tweets frozen frames to highlight some of the best movie moments. The images demonstrate the impact of a wide range of cinematic variables including lighting, composition, tension, special effects and character development -- with the goal of inspiring the next generation of directors, producers, cinematographers and more. From The Naked Gun spoofs to French New Wave, followers of One Perfect Shot get a slice of cinematic perfection a few times a day.

Whether you need some culture in your rapid-fire online world or a bit of inspiration for you next Netflix binge, we'd recommend that you add these tweets to your feed.

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