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Sky Blue Window is and was the result of a good many people who believed in the vision of an online arts magazine devoted to telling compelling stories about people in the arts in Central Indiana.

It’s likely that I’ll miss someone in this long list of recognition, and I apologize in advance to those I do. But no matter what, if you met with one of us, worked with one of us, listened to us babble on about Sky Blue, helped make the site possible through funding, were a partner or friend to one of us, and just maybe grabbed a beer to be helpful -- to all of you, thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for everything you did to make this site possible.

This sentiment goes double for everyone who came to the site and found something that moved you or made you laugh or cry or think (or all of the aforementioned). What a beautiful thing we did ... and what a beautiful thing we did together.

Now (in no particular order) thank you to:

Brian Payne, Liz Tate, Kay Whitaker, Jennifer Bartenbach, Terry Anker, Jeanie Andes and Rob MacPherson, Brenda Delaney, Cindie Logan, Lynn Weatherly and EVERYONE at CICF. Sky Blue Window would not have existed without y’all, and we are beyond grateful for the opportunity; Clayton Taylor, Bob Williams, Lloyd Wright, Jim Simmons, Jill Ditmire and the great production peeps at WFYI, Sky Blue champions from the beginning; Kelly Pfledderer and the folks at Apparatus who built the demo site that made pitching the whole idea possible; Paul Wilson, a friend and creative force at the very beginning of this journey; Jim and Jon Sholly, who designed Sky Blue Window along with Carla Clark and DesertNet; Sky Blue staff and contributors past and present including Jami Stall, Kirsten Eamon Shine, Natalie (and David) Atwell, Cathy Kightlinger, Mark Ruschman, Hugh Vandivier, Jenn Kriscunas, Perry Reichanadter, Rob Peoni, Mike Potter, Will Baker, Justin Brady, Joanna Nixon, Mali Simone Jeffers, Carrie Kirk, Shelby Roby-Terry, Dan Carpenter, Ben Shine, Jennifer Delgadillo; Joseph Pete, Chi Sherman and Chris Pyle, illustrator of our awesome blogger caricatures, and Joanna Taft.

It's been a GREAT ride! (A much younger Mike Knight seemed destined for a life of adventure from as early as he can remember.) -
  • It's been a GREAT ride! (A much younger Mike Knight seemed destined for a life of adventure from as early as he can remember.)

(That’s not the end of the list, just thought you might want to go grab a snack or maybe stand up and stretch.)

There, that’s better. Now, a big thank you to: The insightful and oh-so nice Nancy Whitmore and everyone else at Butler University who brought student contributors to the site -- with a special shout-out to Marc Allan, whose unwavering dedication to helping student journalists and professional journalists alike should serve as an example for us all; John Krull, who helped bring Franklin College student contributors to us, and whose counsel was invaluable; Scott Uecker, University of Indianapolis, their student writers and also Rebecca Deemer and Top Dog Communication, their student PR firm for all their help; Tamara Zahn and Nora Hiatt; Ken (and Becky) Honeywell; Dave Lawrence and the entire staff of the Arts Council of Indianapolis; Charlie Sutphin; Kevin McKinney, Jim Poyser and NUVO for sharing; The arts funders group, who was kind enough to hear our pitches; other local media for um, repurposing our stories for their publications and readers and sharing more about the arts in Central Indiana, which, at the end of the day, is all we ever wanted to do; the entire Central Indiana arts community for and caring and helping; the Society of Professional Journalists Indiana Chapter, that honored us with multiple awards this past year; my wife Michelle for being beyond supportive of this idea from Day One; and now finally, to everyone who has read us or is reading us. It’s been an honor and a pleasure.

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