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E-Tracing the Steps



Modern dance master Martha Graham may have described movement's graphic abilities best: "Every dance is a kind of fever chart, a graph of the heart."

But technology -- along with a bit of thoughtful design work -- makes it possible to turn that "fever chart" into a real record of a dancers' steps. Designer Lesia Trubat González's Electronic Traces or E-Traces project embeds Lilypad Arduino censors in pointe shoes and uses a ballerina's foot pressure and movements to translate steps into strokes reminiscent of the most beautiful pen and ink art. As choreography is turned into an electronic calligraphy, dancers can look and think critically about their efforts in a new way.

These possibilities have a wealth of applications in ballet and beyond, but we're enjoying this new way to experience dance, thanks to the concept's video, Memories of Dance:

E-TRACES, memories of dance from Lesia Trubat on Vimeo.

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