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Don't Wanna Miss An American Idiot



Depending on your age and taste, Green Day is either the greatest thing that happened to punk or one of the worst. But the erstwhile punk pranksters-cum-Rock N' Roll Hall-of-Famers dominated radio play back in 2004 with their band's seventh studio album, American Idiot. The rock opera, inspired by a number of musicals and groups, such as The Who, won Green Day its second Grammy.

The album also made its way onto a different stage, after being converted into a musical, which won two Tony's and a Grammy in its own right. And now it's made its way to Indy's Phoenix Theatre.

The play follows the themes of the album -- the fears and temptations of coming of age in a post-9/11 world. The main characters, Johnny, Will and Tunny explore the urge to abandon boring suburbia and experience the wonders of the city, and the world at large. But things go predictably awry, as each of the trio faces his own demons.

The story is peppered with anthems from the album (which had five chart-topping singles). Mathew Lee, Spencer Curnutt and Lincoln Stentz bring the protagonists to life in their journey through American Idiot's "Jingletown, USA."

The show runs through July 5th at the Phoenix Theatre on Park Avenue. Tickets run $30, unless you brave the ladder to the balcony seats, which will only set you back $22.

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