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Don't Stand So Close to Me



Unwanted advances, lewd remarks and gawking can be a few of the hazards and hassles some women face when using public transportation around the world. It's so bad in China, that the government created guidelines for women to help them steer clear of such situations. Faux-hairy-leg stockings have even become a popular way for some to avoid such persistent passes.

One artist in Hong Kong is fed up with the undesired attention and created a novel piece of fashion intended to fend off pervs, without resorting to hirsute hose. Kathleen McDermott has designed a dress that automatically expands when someone gets too close to it. The articulated skirt forces would-be gropers away, giving the wearer her personal space. The loud noise attracts attention to the situation as well, which can't hurt.

It's just one of the pieces in her Urban Armor series. The goal is to design clothing and accessories that help women feel safe in modern cities. This includes a hat that blocks a woman's face from infrared security cameras and a scarf that automatically covers the wearer's mouth to protect her from potent Chinese air pollution.

Check out the demonstration video for her personal space dress below. Let us know if you have any ideas for similar designs to make life a little more bearable for the modern woman.

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