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DCI 2015: The Beat Goes On



Friday was no walk in the park, not downtown at Military Park anyway.

It was more like an invitation to zigzag in and out of a daylong parade. Here and there trumpets screamed while tubas maintained their steady conversation in low, low voices. Then like a metronome, the klatch of snare drums kept a steady beat with its rat-a-tat-tatting. While off to the sides in arc formations, bass drums boomed beneath the blazing sun.

The heat and humidity didn't faze the young men and women, aged 16-21, who were there practicing their marching formations. They came to focus on their steps, their notes and the battle that lay before them.

If you stepped into that scene as countless downtown workers and residents did, out of curiosity or for sheer entertainment, then you know these were the sights and sounds of rehearsals for the 2015 Drum Corps International World Championship.

Leading up to the finale of this 44th annual competition of the most elite marching ensembles from around the globe, the 39 drum and bugle corps (each with 150 performing members, plus alternates) traveled thousands of miles across the country this summer and performed in about 30 shows each before reaching the Circle City.

But this week their family members, fans, fanatics and alums of the organization came to cheer them on and to share in the excitement of these high-level performances and fierce competitions at Lucas Oil Stadium.

If you didn't get a chance to catch the performers warm up at the park, entertain crowds Saturday at Pan Am Plaza and Georgia Street or compete in the stadium, take a look at what you missed. These pics represent a small sampling of shots from proud parent photographer, Jon Braude, and one Sky Blue Window "beat" reporter.

SBW congratulates the Blue Devils for winning first place Saturday night and offers props to all the talented performers who allowed Indy to share in their excitement.

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