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Classical to Klingon



Each August the Gen Con Indy convention brings us a fresh batch of role-playing, crazy-costumed celebrities and wannabes. They invade the Indiana Convention Center and downtown in legions 20,000 to 30,000 strong and come from around the world for our people-watching pleasure. But there are plenty of Hoosier homegrown geeks and freaks who also groove on Gen Con Indy, many of them hiding right under our noses throughout the remaining 361 days of the year. Count the musicians of Il Troubadore among them.

The band is comprised of Jon Silpayamanant, Robert Bruce Scott, Paul Radecki and Wendi Wampler. They spend most of their time playing 16th-century music and 16th-century covers of popular music. But when the convention comes around, they slap on their prosthetic browridges and false fangs, to become the Klingon Music Project. Yeah, those Klingons. The kind that menaced Captain Kirk and protected Picard. It's not just about the makeup either, they can sing in Klingon too. They even call themselves bomwI'pu' (but good luck pronouncing that). And even if Star Trek isn't your particular nerd vintage, don't worry. They embrace all that is geek. Check them out here, playing an ewok victory song with a pirate and a wookie.

They're back again this year. If you're downtown this Friday and want to get in touch with your own inner nerd, stop by the Indianapolis Artsgarden (at the intersection of Washington and Illinois streets, connected to the Circle Centre Mall, Embassy Suites Complex and the Conrad Hotel). They'll be helping Gen Con Indy get started with a 12:15 p.m. performance. Grab your bat'leth and troop on down.

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