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Best of the Rest: Oct. 16, 2015



Sure, we want you to visit Sky Blue Window daily, but we realize stories about incredible events, entertainment and interesting organizations that are transforming Indiana pour out of publications all over this city. So in this space, we bring you the Best of the Rest, a collection of other notable pieces spotlighting arts and entertainment around town.

Check out the list of hot topics from beyond our Sky Blue Window. When you’re finished, stick around to browse some of our stories you might have missed this week. Enjoy!

As Spark wraps up, its impact on downtown is reviewed. - COURTESY CIRCLE SPARK
  • Courtesy Circle Spark
  • As Spark wraps up, its impact on downtown is reviewed.

Spark boosts Circle businesses

By Chris Schumerth via Circle Spark

The Spark Monument Circle project comes to a close this week. The placemaking experiment organized by Big Car and the city of Indianapolis brought dozens of artists and performers to Monument Circle over the course of its 10 weeks. At its outset, it was unclear to organizers how the unprecedented programming would fit within the daily hustle & bustle of Indy’s geographic and economic center. It will likely take some time to discern just how deeply Spark has impacted life on the Circle. However, initial reports from a few business owners in the area prove encouraging. Mayoral candidate and owner of two Monument Circle businesses (Potbelly and Soupremacy), Chuck Brewer says he’s seen a 20 percent increase in sales since the programming kicked off at the start of August. He attributes the spike to the additional outdoor seating Spark provides. Check out Schumerth’s story for more details.

Barb Stahl: Biocentric Landscapes

Indy Arts Studio Series via Arts Council of Indianapolis

When visiting an art gallery, how much time do you spend meditating on the artist statement at the outset of an exhibit? An artist statement or well-written biography can add much-needed context to an individual work or collection. Arts Council of Indianapolis is attempting to take that experience a step further with its Indy Arts Studio Series that provides additional info, conversations with featured artists and much more on the Indy Arts website.

Here, local painter Barb Stahl dives deep into her most recent exhibition titled Biocentric Landscapes on display at Gallery 924 until the end of the month. Stahl’s work experiments with concepts found in physics and geometry, and it is heavily influenced by the principles of Biocentrism. That’s the theory that claims consciousness creates the universe rather than the other way around. Check out the video interviews on the Arts Council’s website for a firsthand description of her work.

Humanitarian and Singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka talks women’s rights, Nelson Mandela

By Kyle Long via NUVO

Humanitarian, political activist and renowned singer, South Africa’s Yvonne Chaka Chaka visited Indy earlier this week to participate in IUPUI’s forum on Women’s Empowerment and Gender-Based abuse. NUVO/WFYI contributor Kyle Long sat down with Chaka Chaka to discuss life in Apartheid, her musical background and so much more. Visit NUVO for the full recap. For another story on gender issues and music, scope Ben Shine’s recent blog post on misogyny in Music.

From Know No Stranger's inception, teamwork has been imperative to the group's output, with all members bringing their own set of artistic strengths to the table. - COURTESY OF KNOW NO STRANGER
  • Courtesy Of Know No Stranger
  • From Know No Stranger's inception, teamwork has been imperative to the group's output, with all members bringing their own set of artistic strengths to the table.

Optical Popsicle Infinity: A look at how far the annual variety show has come

By Seth Johnson via NUVO

If you’re an Indianapolis Museum of Art member, or even a regular visitor, you may have taken notice of IMA’s first-ever performing artist in residence Know No Stranger. The artist collective, consisting of 10 artists with diverse expertise, has grown into a favorite among Indianapolis audiences for its eclectic, playful blend of performing arts. The group’s efforts culminate in an annual variety show entitled Optical Popsicle, which will take place at IMA’s Toby Theater this weekend. Get the details on this year’s installment of Optical Popsicle via NUVO. For more on Know No Stranger, check out Jennifer Delgadillo’s conversation with founding member Michael Runge on his unexpected decision to take an indefinite hiatus from the group earlier this year.

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