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Best of the Rest: July 7, 2015



Sure, we want you to visit Sky Blue Window each day, but we realize stories about incredible events, entertainment and interesting organizations that are transforming Central Indiana pour out of publications all over this city. So each Friday, we'll bring you the "Best of the Rest," a collection of other notable arts and entertainment pieces from around town.

Check out the list of hot topics from beyond our Sky Blue Window. When you're finished, stick around here to browse other stories you might have missed. Enjoy!

Lewey's Project 52 took him to unique locations that challenged and restricted his movement. - PHOTO BY ANNA PETERS
  • Photo by Anna Peters
  • Lewey's Project 52 took him to unique locations that challenged and restricted his movement.

Going for Broke: What it takes to make a living as a performing artist

By Emily Taylor via NUVO

The struggle to make a living as an artist is a subject of little dispute. For performing artists, that struggle is underscored. Unlike painters or musicians, performers lack a physical good to sell to their audience. NUVO arts editor Emily Taylor sums up this dilemma perfectly in her story, writing: "There's no Etsy consumer demanding a pirouette." Taylor takes a look at the various dance ensembles around Indianapolis, and sparks a healthy conversation around steps Indy could take to help make being a full-time dancer a viable career. One of the dancers featured in Taylor's article is Broad Ripple High School teacher Tommy Lewey. For more on Lewey, check out Hugh Vandivier's article on his Project 52 video series from early last year.

K. Sabroso, international

By Kyle Long via NUVO

If you follow me on Twitter, you've likely witnessed me bemoaning the lack of local music coverage on the radio around Indy. Complaining proves easy. Changing the equation poses the biggest challenge. Fortunately, local deejay and Jack-of-all-trades, Kyle Long appears up to the task. His new WFYI show Cultural Manifesto airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m., and it is well worth your listen. As someone who has written for Musical Family Tree for several years, I tend to think I have a clear grasp of Central Indiana's music scene. However, Long's focus on minority and immigrant musicians allows him to consistently uncover artists about whom I am rarely familiar. This week, Long spoke with Sutiweyu Sandoval a break-dancer and deejay under the name K. Sabroso. Head over to NUVO to read part of the conversation between the two deejays, and tune in to WFYI on Wednesday nights to avoid missing the beat. For more on the type of dancers Sandoval's music services, check out Seth Johnson's preview of Evolve The Cypher - a new break dancing competition that kicks off tonight at Riolo Dance Studio.

Paula Cloyd was featured in a Sky Blue Window story about some of Indiana's future poet laureates. - PHOTO BY EVIE SCHULTZ
  • Photo by Evie Schultz
  • Paula Cloyd was featured in a Sky Blue Window story about some of Indiana's future poet laureates.

Indiana Arts Commission looking for state's next poet laureate


Indiana Arts Commission is on the hunt. The organization is currently accepting nominations for Indiana's next poet laureate. WFYI has the details on the criteria for submissions, which are due Sept. 1. For more on local poetry, pore over a treasure trove of stories previously featured on Sky Blue Window.

When I realized that I knew: A Q&A with Cyrus Youngman

By Seth Johnson via Musical Family Tree

If you're a regular reader of our site, you are familiar with the work of Seth Johnson. He has contributed a small phone book's worth of stories in this space. While we're ecstatic about the work Seth does here, he also writes for a handful of other publications around Indy. This week, Seth contributed an interview with local musician Cyrus Youngman for Musical Family Tree. In the Q&A, Youngman details years spent busking across the country and his excitement over his new backing band, The Kingfishers.

Rolling Stones electrify Indianapolis Motor Speedway

By David Lindquist via Indy Star

I have a lot of respect for Indy Star music and entertainment writer Dave Lindquist. I greatly admire Lindquist's work, and I am most impressed with his ability to deliver engaging concert reviews that bring the experience to life for readers. Writing a successful concert review is difficult. The writer must know the artist's catalog backward and forward in order to adequately compare and contrast studio recordings with the live performance.

In case you were hiding under a rock during 4th of July celebrations last weekend, the Rolling Stones was in town. If you missed out, Lindquist was on hand to document it. His writing on this show was great, as always. On top of the story, enjoy an incredible slideshow of snapshots from Star photographer Bob Scheer.

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