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Best of the Rest: Feb. 26, 2016



Sure, we want you to visit Sky Blue Window daily, but we realize stories about incredible events, entertainment and interesting organizations that are transforming Indiana pour out of publications all over this city. So in this space, we bring you the Best of the Rest, a collection of other notable pieces spotlighting arts and entertainment around town.

Check out the list of hot topics from beyond our Sky Blue Window. When you’re finished, stick around to browse some of our stories you might have missed this week. Enjoy!

At University of Indianapolis, Ronen Chamber Ensemble raises the flag for music as a pathway for knowledge

By Jay Harvey via Jay Harvey Upstage

Many studies have illustrated the positive effect the study of music can have on a student’s ability to grasp a wide range of knowledge. Increasingly, educators have pointed to an understanding of music as a huge help to scholars of science and math. Such was on display in a very direct way at University of Indianapolis on Monday night, when the Ronen Chamber Ensemble performed a program entitled “Science, Math & Music.” Fortunately for those who failed to attend, veteran Indy arts reporter Jay Harvey was on hand to document. Visit his blog for the full details of the scholarly references that made their way into the performance. For a different story on music education, revisit Carrie Kirk’s profile of Westlane Middle School band director Holly May.

How the Vonneguts built Indianapolis

By Annie Hunt via NUVO

Kurt was not the only Vonnegut to help shape Indianapolis' legacy. -
  • Kurt was not the only Vonnegut to help shape Indianapolis' legacy.

At this point, even Indy’s youngest residents are likely vaguely aware of the impact our most famous mustachioed author, Kurt Vonnegut, had on the Circle City from which he hailed. His gigantic presence comically looms over Mass Ave., in addition to the library with his name attached to it. However, younger generations are likely less aware of the impact that Vonnegut’s forebears placed upon the city decades before his talented fingertips ever touched a typewriter. In many ways, the contributions of Vonnegut’s architect father and grandfather overshadow the work of their offspring – at least in a physical sense. To list just a few of the buildings they helped design: The Athenaeum, the First Chamber of Commerce, Shortridge High School, John Herron art Institute, All Souls Unitarian Church, Indiana Bell telephone Building and more. The Vonneguts, quite literally, built this city. Visit NUVO for a historic lesson on Indianapolis architecture. For more on Vonnegut, revisit Chi Sherman’s story on 15 portraits of the author by painter Jonathan McAfee.

Interview: Lily & Madeleine

By Seth Johnson via Musical Family Tree

Lily & Madeleine's third album releases today, and their new tour kicks off Saturday. -
  • Lily & Madeleine's third album releases today, and their new tour kicks off Saturday.

It’s a big week for local sisters and bandmates Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz. The duo, along with their expanded backing band, will release its third studio album Keep It Together today, with a release show at Old National Centre tomorrow. Unsurprisingly – as the album represents one of the more noteworthy Hoosier releases of recent memory, nearly every arts outlet in town sat down with the sisters to get the sisters’ take on the band’s new sound. Check out Dave Lindquist’s profile in the Indy Star and our own Ben Cooley’s story on the duo’s attempt to balance life as a college student and wildly successful recording artists for evidence. Over at Musical Family Tree, local music writer Seth Johnson let the sisters speak for themselves in a straightforward Q&A style piece. Along with the standard questions regarding the latest LP, Johnson does well to ask the duo about the mentors and fellow musicians who have helped to shape and further their career to this point, namely producer Paul Mahern, Kenny Childers and others. Visit MFT for the full interview. For an earlier look at Lily & Madeleine’s beginnings, revisit Zoe Erler’s 2013 profile.

Talking hero worship with The Easthills

By Jonathan Sanders via NUVO

Lily and Madeleine are not the only Hoosier musicians with an album release show on Saturday night. While the sisters take the stage at Old National Centre, local rockers The Easthills will play to a sold out crowd at White Rabbit Cabaret in Fountain Square. In preparation, NUVO’s Jonathan Sanders caught up with the band’s principle songwriters Hank Campbell and Will Berada this week. Sanders talked to the pair about how the band’s sound has transformed between its freshman and sophomore releases, and about some of their biggest influences. Visit NUVO for the full details.

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