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Alternate Oscar Prep  



Many cinema fans carefully fill their evenings and Saturday afternoons in the month leading up to the Oscars with endless viewings of most-nominated movies. Some even attend special screenings of the short films. A few carefully consider the costume work or cinematography.

Those are all meaningful modes of preparation for the Academy Awards, but for folks who like minutiae, history and nitpicky details, we have a few great picks from our favorite source -- the mighty Internet. For your click-through pleasure:

The Surprising History of the Warner Bros. Logo -- FastCo.Design explores the "literally hundreds of different logos," each an interesting example of both the business and the time period in which it was designed.

Speaking of Warner Bros., The Hollywood Reporter runs down the total number of nominations, studio by studio, including Warner and Sony Pictures Entertainment, plus the newest studio to have a nomination, Netflix.

The red carpet is in Los Angeles, but London-based Media Run Digital created a lovely graphic of the dress worn by every Best Actress winner, from 1929's Janet Gaynor to 2013's Christian Dior-clad Jennifer Lawrence. Take that, Joan Rivers.

Ever wonder what was up with the Oscar streaker? Never heard of him? Either way, The Awl's 2012 story about Robert Opel tells of this underground artist who used streaking as a protest tool and, later, as a bit of a sideline business. Opel was also known for his involvement in gay activism and art scenes in San Francisco.

In other Oscar-related news, the show's iconic 24-karat statuettes are crafted in Chicago at R. S. Owens, the shop that also creates awards for American Idol, the Rock and Roll Hall of fame and a number of very visible award ceremonies. But the people who make the little men are in a labor dispute with the company who acquired R. S. Owens in 2012.

And finally, for your listening entertainment, the producers have lined up a pretty impressive list of performers for Best Original Song nominations including Bette Midler, Karen O, Pharrell Williams, Idina Menzel, Pink and U2. But you can relive some of the most thrilling past musical performances, and a few disappointing ones, in this video list from

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