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A Hi-Fi State of Mind



When Murphy Art Center co-owner Craig Von Deylen approached Josh Baker and his MOKB Presents/Do317 team about a vacant lot in the building's Virginia Avenue storefront, the company's co-owner/operator consulted for about 30 seconds with his humble music-loving coworkers before emphatically claiming the space. Do317's new venue, renamed The Hi-Fi , is strategically nestled between iMOCA and Pure Eatery, filling the vacancy left by the vintage store IndySwank. Baker believes that by moving from the Do317 Lounge location on the Art Center's second floor to this larger, more visible space, it will accommodate the company's ever-growing needs, fostering more exciting music events for the city.

"We're going to be here a long time, and that's the excitement of it," says Baker's business partner Craig Lile. "The Lounge was always beautiful and perfect for what it was when we first created it, but this is our first real music venue/night club that's going to be sustainable ..."

While The Hi-Fi marks a new chapter for MOKB Presents/DO317, Lile says the venue will still carry the Do317 Lounge's same vision. With the new place, however, the crew hopes to host more shows per week and open its doors on gig-free nights for those to come and enjoy the bar's great local beer selection.

"I think it's a space where you can come see great up-and-coming bands -- that's the whole reason why we did it," Baker says. "We do a lot of shows in rooms that we don't own, and for us, as promoters and purveyors of great music, we want to have a space that we own and control."

According to Baker, 32 shows are already on the books for The Hi-Fi, with several more to come. Last night U.S. Royalty and Busy Living kicked off the festivities and tonight Veseria, Landon Keller Band and Cory Williams will perform.

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