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40 Characters? 4 Actors? No Problem



Alfred Hitchcock. Monty Python. Crime. Comedy. Romance. Thrills. Forty characters. Add them together and what you end up with is The39 Steps, a play showing at the Studio Theater at The Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel.

An adaptation of the 1935 Hitchcock movie The39 Steps, the play maintains the classic Hitchcock feel, while hilariously carrying on with an over-the-top humor that promises to keep audiences laughing.

The plot centers around a classic story arc -- a innocent man is blamed for a crime he didn't commit (hey, we've all been there). He travels cross-country, trying to find the person who has wrongfully accused him, all while being the subject of the police's pursuit.

The 39 Steps runs now through Feb. 15th.  - COURTESY OF ACTORS THEATRE OF INDIANA
  • Courtesy of Actors Theatre of Indiana
  • The 39 Steps runs now through Feb. 15th.

There is seduction. There are chase scenes. There is a blonde leading lady ... and quick changes. The best part? You get all this from only four actors.

Many of the laughs from The39 Steps come from its extremely small cast. Director Richard J. Roberts says, "Having four actors adds to the comedy, because the audience can see the actors switching between characters. Sometimes they have to play multiple characters at once, and that makes it really fun for the audience."

Roberts says he has worked hard to enhance, yet preserve the Hitchcock elements in the show, but that it is "comedy, comedy, comedy." He compares its style of humor to that of a Monty Python film.

"It's outrageous; it's cheesy. It's just silly."

Roberts assures both regular theater-goers and newbies alike, "If you like to laugh, you will like this show."

The 39 Steps is performed by Actors Theatre of Indiana, the resident professional acting company of the Studio Theater at The Center for the Performing Arts. The 39 Steps runs now through Sunday, Feb. 15. For ticket information and show times, visit here.

For a quick look, check out the show's preview video.

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