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The summer goes by so much more quickly when you're a grownup. I look at it completely different than my two young daughters do. For them, summer break stretches out pretty long. For me, I know that I have exactly 11 weeks to make their vacation from school one that is memorable. And those weeks will come and go before I know it. To that end, I'm glad that Indy makes it easy for me. It's the holiday weekend, and we're staying in the city. We have an extra day to play, and I know just how we'll use it.

First, we'll spend some time swimming at the Broad Ripple Park pool. It's been there since I was a little girl, and I know mine will greatly enjoy it. After that, we plan to experience the Taste of Indy. Happening all day on July 5th, Taste of Indy is a cultural experience that spices things up at White River State Park.

Taste of Indy "blends the city's most unique restaurants with an exhibition of the city's best live local music, with events and activities for the entire family." This year's event presents a delectable assortment of Asian, Soul, Greek, Mediterranean, Cajun, Hispanic and American food. The all-day concert showcases Indy's best live, local musical artists and their awesome talents in Jazz, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Latino and Reggae music. From noon to sundown, visitors can groove to the sounds while sampling some of the city's best cuisine -- all amid the gorgeous White River State Park setting.

You can pre-order tickets for $5 online, or pay a little more for them at the gate. Once inside, the food tickets are just $3 a pop.  - COURTESY TASTE OF INDY
  • Courtesy Taste of Indy
  • You can pre-order tickets for $5 online, or pay a little more for them at the gate. Once inside, the food tickets are just $3 a pop.

I didn't make it to last year's Taste of Indy, but just months ago I happened to meet the two friendly guys, Jonathan and James Smith, who organize the event. The Indy natives were nice, welcoming and really passionate about creating a gathering that combined the best of Indy's food and music cultures. They were also determined to keep it as affordable as possible to ensure a diverse crowd of participants. Admission tickets are only $7 day of and $5 if you purchase tickets in advance online.

Once you're inside the gates, food tickets must be purchased to enjoy the samplings of cuisine and drinks from the more than 50 different vendors. Food tickets are pretty reasonable too -- about $3 at most of the restaurant booths. While you're enjoying local edibles or participating in the kids' area or just lounging on the grass -- live music will play from 10 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. Bands such as Jenny Devoe, Bashiri Asad, Jay Jones and the Party Crashers and Pravada are all a part of this year's lineup.

What I love most is that it's a family-friendly option for the holiday weekend. And it's one that won't break the bank. We can eat, drink and play all in one outing. Sponsored by the likes of State Farm, Coca Cola, Whole Foods, Clipper Magazine and Yelp, the event will likely draw a pretty big crowd this Saturday. For additional details about Taste of Indy and to learn more about its founders Jonathan and James Smith, visit

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