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Choosing whether or not to see an unfamiliar theatre production can be a real challenge. But, just like going to see your favorite actor's latest flick, once you familiarize yourself with Indy's actors you will find your own local versions of George Clooney and Brad Pitt to keep you coming back to the theatre. Here's my list of Indy actors to look for and their Hollywood doppelgangers.


Rob Johansen (Indy's Tom Hanks)

I'm pretty sure Rob Johansen is on everyone's list of Indy's best actors. He is reliable, chooses a variety of interesting roles, and seems to be everywhere always. He can play a quiet reflective role just as easily as hamming it up as a sidekick.

He also seems like a genuinely nice guy in person. Basically he's Indy's Tom Hanks. This month he brings his dramatic chops to "The Crucible" at the Indiana Repertory Theatre (IRT).


Scot Greenwell (Indy's Adam Scott)

For whatever reason, when local directors need an actor to play a role that involves heartbreaking, truth-seeking waits in the hospital, Scot Greenwell is the guy they call. Those were the circumstances in his layered performances in both the Phoenix Theatre productions of "Next Fall" and "The Lyons," as well as the recent, acclaimed ShadowApe production of "Into The Monkey House" at IndyFringe. I think directors probably pick him for these roles because he plays hope and despair with equal success. But perhaps my favorite role of his was as the cranky elf in David Sedaris's "Santaland Diaries."


Eric Olson (Indy's Hugh Jackman)

Last fall when I saw Eric star as Andrew Jackson in "Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson" at the Phoenix Theatre, it took me a while to realize he was the same guy I saw in "Avenue Q" a year earlier. He was so pitch-perfect as the Ernie knock-off Nicky in the humorous, muppety role that the fierce edge he brought to Andrew Jackson hardly seemed like it could come from the same actor. I can't picture any other Indy Actor in that role, because he was so convincing. He followed that up with a strong supporting role in the challenging musical "Next To Normal." If Eric Olson continues as the Phoenix's go-to musical actor, I'm okay with that.


Logan Moore (Indy's Channing Tatum) / Matt Goodrich (Indy's Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

I am pairing these two together because both are young actors that have caught my eye over the last year.

Logan stole hearts as the lead singer in Defiance Comedy's live sitcom "Boyband" and has shown solid musical chops in Q Artistry's "DeSade" at IndyFringe and "Rent" at Footlite Musicals. He also seems to take off his shirt as frequently as Channing Tatum.


Meanwhile, Matt Goodrich has become a regular staple in NoExit Performance productions, most recently seen in the IndyFringe hit "The Beast, the Lady and the Sanguine Man." Despite not speaking in this live-action silent film, he filled his endearing performance with charm. Both actors show potential of reaching the heights of the other actors on this list with more experience. Since both are young, good-looking guys, I doubt the roles will stop coming anytime soon. I look forward to seeing what is next.

Other Actors To Look Out For:

Ryan Artzberger

Ben Asaykwee

Chuck Goad

Paul Hansen

Ronn Johnstone

Danny Kingston

Bill Simmons

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