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I recently became familiar with Courtland and his work at a gallery exhibition Indianapolis.  I was drawn to his work particularly because of the realistic reinterpretations of everyday spaces and places.  Courtland is beginning to gain local recognition and a following in the Indianapolis visual arts scene and certainly is a local painter to watch. He was recently featured in a previous post about Indianapolis painters and mixed media artists you should know. Courtland's work is perfect for anyone who likes oil painting and work on canvas, and I find his work of vacant interior retail or commercial spaces the most fascinating and almost curiously eerie which makes for some interesting conversation pieces. 

Now meet Courtland:

Sky Blue Window: What is your background and how did you get started as an artist?

Courtland Blade: I was born in Terre Haute, IN but spent most of my childhood growing up in Evanston, Illinois, which is across the street from Chicago.  I finished high school and my undergraduate education in Indiana at Vincennes University, University of Indianapolis, and completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Indiana State University. I completed my graduate in Boston at the School and Museum of Fine Arts Boston in affiliation with Tufts University, were I revived my MFA.

In regards to how I got started as an artist; I grew up drawing all the time. I used to make stories and have stick people battles in drawings with my brother. As I got older, I realized that I had a natural ability in drawing. What really drew me into the arts and made me fall in love with it was learning the great history of art and culture, from the cave painting to now.

SBW: Your paintings are depictions of some interesting spaces and locations. What is the inspiration for your work?

CB: The inspiration of my work is our current society and history. My work reflects us through our spaces that we create. I also am attempting to immortalize our time as well and give our society permanence in oil. There are visual influences from cinema and art history in my work as well. 

SBW: What would you want people to know about you, your artistic process or your work? 

CB: I love creating my work and the process. My process is pretty tedious at times, starting with a under sketch, putting on a light wash, and then moving into applying heavier paint. But before I get to the canvas, I got through a lot of digital images that I collected. In the end, each piece is unique, while having a common thread of technique and concept.    

SBW: Where can people see your work in person?

CB: Right now I have a show in Vincennes at the Open Gallery, my work can be viewed in person there if you're in the area. I also currently have work at the Swope Art Museum in Terre Haute at the 69th Annual Wabash Valley Juried exhibition.  Locally you can see my work at the Magdalena Gallery of Art in Carmel.

SBW: What is the price range for your paintings?

CB: Most of my paintings are from $320 to $2400, depending on size. While owning an original piece is always is a great addition to a space, I have fine art prints available as well. You can check out Uncommon Prints for additional details and pricing.

SBW: What advice or recommendations do you have for individuals who are just getting started in collecting art?

CB: I would say choose work that personally speaks to you and that you can live with for a while.

SBW: What is the preferred way to contact you if someone is interested in your work?

CB: If someone is interested in my work they can contact me at my email address I also have contact information and additional images and background on my website. I also post images of my work, exhibitions and interests on my Facebook page.

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