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Dance Kaleidoscope has been a staple of the Indianapolis art scene for over 40 years. Having just discovered them over the past two years, I can say they have lasted for good reason. It's hard to pass up a chance to see this exciting, always unique dance group. Among a talented cadre of dancers, Zach Young has been catching everyone's eye. Most notably with memorable solos in Dance Kaleidoscope's last show Piaf Plus.  Zach answered my questions about dancing in Indy and their upcoming show Barefoot Renegades, running May 16-19 at the Indianapolis Repertory Theatre.

SBW: How long have you been dancing?

Zach Young: I started dancing when I was nine years old. I grew up dancing many different styles but I always enjoyed contemporary dance the most. I joined Cedar Lake Youth Ensemble at 19. I then danced Cedar Lake 2 and the Missouri Contemporary Ballet before joining Dance Kaleidoscope in 2008. I'm in my fifth season with Dance Kaleidoscope.

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SBW: What brought you to Dance Kaleidoscope? What do you like about working with DK? 

ZY: I decided to audition for DK because I wanted to move onward in my dance career.  I love working with Artistic Director David Hochoy, and my fellow company members are great. Also, we are supported by a tremendous fan base here in Indianapolis and a great office staff and board.

SBW: What role does Dance Kaleidoscope fill in the Indianapolis arts scene?

ZY: Well, Dance Kaleidoscope is Indianapolis's only professional dance company, and we allow people to experience a variety of emotions during our shows that they will not find anywhere else. Every Dance Kaleidoscope show provides the audience with great artistry, athleticism and emotion.

SBW: Tell us about what audiences can expect in DK's next work - Barefoot Renegades.

ZY: The next show has tremendous variety in all four works. Brock Clawson's piece Nine has brought a new style and a different way of moving to this performance. Afternoon of a Faun and Les Noces are very different in their own right and both should be very moving for the audience.  Everybody's going to love Timothy June and Jillian Godwin in Electric Counterpoint, one of my favorite pieces choreographed by David Hochoy.

SBW: When you are not dancing, what do you enjoy doing around Indy?

ZY: I've been taking a woodworking class at the Indianapolis Art Center for three years now and absolutely love it. I also love playing golf when I get the opportunity.

SBW: Final question: If you could perform in anything what would it be?

ZY: That's a tough question for somebody who dances for a living, but I'd have to say it would be something that I feel like I just lose myself in, something that would make me feel that my full artistic ability has been realized.


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