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Indianapolis Sculpture and Installation Artists You Need to Know



As a follow-up to my post last Wednesday, I've been asking the question of friends and local curators "What visual artists should people know and why?" My first post focused on local painters and mixed media artists and since that post I have expanded my list to include those that fit into the sculpture and installation works category.  Similar to my previous post, I have compiled a summary of my collective conversations of local artists you should check out.  I again welcome your thoughts on your favorite Indianapolis artists.

Anila Agha  | Mixed Media and Sculpture
"The way Anila uses texture to explore culture is quietly powerful. Her work is detailed, and it pulls me in, because I've had to spend time with it to appreciate the detail. And it's an added bonus that she's building in craft traditions that are historic, often gendered, and elevating them."

Lesley Baker | Ceramics, Sculpture, Installation
"A versatile ceramic artist who can create large scale installations and also small objects of tremendous beauty."

Rachel Bleil | Ceramics
"Whimsical ceramics appeal to both children and adults. A good reminder that art can celebrate happiness and innocence and still be quite strong."

Ray Duffey | Sculpture and Installation
"Ray explores the physical and familiar with a sculptural twist."

Kyle Herrington | Sculpture
"His pieces are funny and cool. His references to pop culture are smart, and his work chews up and spits out all kind of topics - celebrity, technology, modern anxieties - and then he sets them on spacey backdrops."  " His work really addresses adulthood/society with sophisticated humor."

Stacey Holloway | Sculpture Installation
"Clever work that is edgy and humorous. "

Brian McCutcheon | Sculpture and Installation
"His work is challenging and imaginative and a brilliant confluence of ideas."

Brose Partington | Installation
"While it has been some time since Brose has created new works, his kinetic installations are engaging and the movements of his work are mesmerizing."

Jamie Pawlus | Installation and Sculpture
"There is an incredible intellect and philosophical depth to her sculptural works that are also humorous."

Artur Silva | Installation and Sculpture
"His large scale digital media works are a sensory overload of color and culture."

Rowland Ricketts | Installation and Textile
"While Rowland is not located in Indianapolis, he is nearby in Bloomington and certainly deserves a mention. He is incredibly sophisticated and his use of textiles is visually amazing.  His work is unlike anything you would typically see locally."

Barbara Zech | Ceramics and Sculpture
"Unique wall tile installations with an interesting texture and visual appeal."

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