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Indianapolis Painters and Mixed Media Artists You Need to Know


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Over the past couple of weeks I've been asking my friends and local curators "What visual artists should people know and why?" Their responses ranged widely from emerging artists to established artists with national recognition.  While Indianapolis is fortunate to have an extensive group of talented visual artists, there were a number of artists that consistently came up. This post is a mash-up of my collective conversations over the past few weeks and is a list of painters and mixed media artists that should be on your list to check out.  I view this post as the start of the conversation and I welcome your thoughts on your favorite Indianapolis artists as well.  Check out my post next week focusing on local sculpture and installation artists. 

Courtland Blade  | Painting
"The use of light in his paintings is really interesting. He depicts realistic scenes that are subtly abstracted by the lighting."

Shawn Causey | Painting
"Her work gives you drama for a space in both scale and aesthetics. Her most recent drywall mud and house paint series is most impressive. She has created an almost-wall-sculpture piece using an unexpected gold and silver finish that creates a surface that is forever changing depending on lighting and positioning. "

Mab Graves | Painting and Illustration
"Illustration based pop surrealism at its best." "Her work is mesmerizing and intriguing."

Beth Guipe Hall | Encaustic Painting
"Stories trapped under beeswax."

Susan Hodgin | Painting
"Susan is an incredible painter with a dynamic use of color within expressive abstract paintings."

Quincy Owens| Painting and Mixed Media
"His large scale mixed media abstracts are vibrant and playful."

William Denton Ray | Painting and Mixed Media
"One of the most prolific artists in Indianapolis, his work is always evolving and he is really finding his voice. He has moved from 2D into 3D and large scale mural work. With a wide range of price points, his work is very accessible to buyers - good "outsider" art moving into the fine art realm."

Casey Roberts | Painting
"His process creates charming pieces that beautifully depict nature and really tender moments. I love the way he uses visual space and a relatively limited palette." "His work is always thoughtful, funny, gorgeous and devastating. Using cyanotypes as a media, his compositions continue to develop in unique and successful ways."

Katie Russell | Painting
"Her creative use of a limited color palette and framing of figures create paintings that seem to freeze and immortalize important moments from everyday life in an almost photographic manner."

Nathaniel Russell |Painting
"Illustration-based works with a folk edge."

Sam Sartorius | Painting
"This longtime Indianapolis artist now lives in Houston but is still a favorite.  Sam is an abstract artist who uses layers of paint to create robust color, provocative textures, and visual depth that tell interesting stories."

Constance Edwards Scopelitis | Painting
"Her craft, skill and talent ranges from refined and sophisticated figure drawings to abstract allegorical contemporary works. She has managed to do this for several years, building an audience from all over the U.S. She continues to push her talents and has recently started working on a digital-integrated series of work."

Marna Shopoff | Painting and Mixed Media
"Her paintings use lots of layers of color to create an image that is reminiscent of architectural drawings and design."


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