Art: Defined



Art- noun.

Defined as the expression of human creative skill and imaginings.

Art is everywhere, and everyone: subject to taste, rooted in peculiar points of reference and, in many cases, everlasting in its effect and impact on everything from individual thought to influencing entire generations throughout time.

The purpose of art can be argued six ways past Sunday, but the fundamentals of art can be oversimplified to two areas: why we create it and why we have a need to experience it.

A statue of an American man holding a large flag comprised of many small flags of African countries.
  • Conceptual rending of the proposed Fred Wilson art installation.

As a writer of song and prose, and in general, I am a storyteller. I am the Gentleman Alphonse, proud Indiana son, constant creator and curator of life. Through my experiences coming of age in Indianapolis and the greater Ohio River Valley, I have had the unique opportunity to see the effects of crafting, peddling, receiving and appreciating art in a conservative state not known for placing importance on the benefits of art; be it performing arts, visual arts or music.

As an MC, rising through the ranks of Indy's hip-hop underground with such luminaries as Rusty Redembacher, DJ Top Speed and Indiana Jones, I saw firsthand the impact that music had on visual artists and vice versa.

As a consultant and social connector, my work with the Fred Wilson project enabled me to witness all sides of the battle for public art. And though the project was ultimately defeated, the glad outcome was a great understanding of how proper communication and conversation about the importance of art, on the whole, is needed within our various communities.

Which brings us to why we are here. The purpose of my writings here will be to weave a story of things that are cared about and curated for you and why you should, well, care about it. And music plays quite a larger role than merely a sonic backdrop to the joyous struggle of visual art. My task is to present those stories and connect you to the threads that connect us all.

There are entire new worlds of musical craftings from within to discover out there. Follow my lead and I'll lead you to what your essence needs most: connecting you to the expressions and creatively skilled imaginings of other humans that are just like you.

For that, dear reader, is art.


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