Missing Out



It's always the way: arriving to work or to your favorite watering hole, you overhear conversations from your 'artsy' friend regaling the group with tales of their awesomely cool night they experienced just the evening before. And your immediate thoughts are either a) how do they always find all the coolest things to do, b) how did I miss that event, or c) why don't they do more things like that around here?

The simple answer: All that's missing is you.

You work hard, so you deserve to be selective in how you spend your money on activities of leisure. Thusly, the internal debate begins. "Why should I go 'support' (read: spend money to attend) an 'artsy' event that perhaps only a few of your coworkers beyond the 'artsy' one will talk about or even know of, when it is so hard to find or find out about? When I can go to [insert mass-marketed, widely-publicized event here] that 'everybody else' already knows about, in a familiar place?"

And therein lays the answer, and the dilemma.

See, advertising takes money. Of course. Events that draw on the familiar are easier to market to people because of this. Easy to market, easy to make money, easy to spend money to advertise.

The smaller, more niche or 'artsy' events are relegated to smaller (often non-existent) budgets and must resort to non-traditional advertising, such as word of mouth. This is where your 'artsy' friend comes in. They replace the billboards and commercials.

You find out about these cool events by paying attention and taking the chance on them. You take the chance by supporting them (yes, this means paying for the event). But the difference is, you will be helping directly support the infrastructure of your local arts scene as a whole. And your word-of-mouth about your experience, coupled with taking new friends to the next one you hear about, is what helps the awareness grow and the local scene flourish and more cool events possible.

So again. All that's missing is you.

Yes, you may have to dig a bit online or in the free local rags about town to find cool events like the recent Red Bull 3Style, events at Big Car's Service Center, or annual events like Art & Soul and ORANJE, but by supporting these events, you help color the drab and boring landscape of the routinely advertised, and it may just brighten not only your life, but the lives of those you share your experiences with.

For that, dear reader, is art.

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